About our Products

Here are some notes on how to care for your product.

We use a danish oil finish on our oak products, and you can apply another coat of oil to restore the finish, for example once a year. Danish oil is easy to find at DIYstores. Any marks that develop over time can be lightly sanded and re-oiled.

All wooden products should be protected from changes in temperature and humidity, which can cause movement in the wood and potential splitting. Please don’t store or display them next to radiators, fires or in direct sunlight.

If you wish to clean the wood, please use a mild soap solution and dry the product immediately with a towel – do not leave to ‘drip dry’. Buffing with a dry cloth will restore the lustre of the wood after cleaning.

Endgrain products such as the Wine Wave are particularly susceptible to damage from being immersed in water. The damage may not immediately show, but the wood can often split in the days after the wood becomes too wet. Even storing a product on its edge to dry after being washed can mean the lower edge stays wet and can split. It is much better to towel dry these items immediately to avoid these issues.