Vintage Traditional Balsa Model Aircraft Kit
Aircraft Choice: Hawker Hurricane (Red)Aircraft Choice: Supermarine Spitfire (Black)Aircraft Choice: Messerschmitt Bf-109 (Silver/Yellow)Aircraft Choice: Cessna 140 (Red high wing)

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Vintage Traditional Balsa Model Aircraft Kit

A traditional build-it-yourself free-flight model aircraft kit of a famous vintage plane, re-engineered and brought right up to date - and they really fly!

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Material:  Balsa wood
Wingspan:  18 inches tip to tip (approx 460mm)

Cut and packed in the UK, these are proper balsa and tissue kits that will result in a superb, flying model. They do take a few hours to make, following the very detailed step-by-step instructions to build the airframe and cover it with tissue, but will reward patience with a beautiful and timeless model that genuinely flies under its own power. If you can't bear to launch your creation into the blue, it will also make a stunning desk toy or display item.

Powered by a rubber motor, and designed with proper balance for best results.

The kits contain accurately printed plan, laser-cut parts, tissue, rubber band motor, decal sheet, detailed instructions, plastic cockpit canopy and prop spinner, propellor and PVA wood glue. All you need to add are some pins, a modelling knife, sand paper and some pliers.

These are not just reissues of decades-old model kits; this range has been designed from scratch and engineered for laser cutting, with accurate CAD-drawn printed plans and a booklet of instructions written for peole new to modelling, with no prior knowledge required.

Four aircraft are available in our range, with the Spitfire available in two colours. Photos of each are provided.

SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE: The black Supermarine Spitfire Mk. VB night fighter that served in the 111 Squadron that flew from RAF Debden in 1941 - the original “stealth aircraft”. The white version can either be left semi-translucent to show the structure, or coloured as you wish (paints not included).

HAWKER HURRICANE: An authentic representation of the red Hawker Hurricane that served in the 527 Calibration Squadron that flew from Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire in 1943. The bright red livery made the plane easier to spot in the sky.

MESSERSCHMITT BF-109: The silver and yellow Messerschmitt Bf-109, more commonly known by Allied pilots as the ME-109. One of the principal adversaries of the Spitfire and Hurricane, over 34,000 ME-109s were built during WWII.

CESSNA 140: This is the popular high-wing Cessna 140 light aircraft, produced in the USA from 1946-1951 that brought affordable aviation to the masses.

made from:
Laser-cut balsa wood, plastic parts, modelling tissue etc.

Please note:

The colour of some plastic components may vary, eg grey or black propellor.

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