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CNC Cut Plywood Staircase

Friday, 30 September 2016  |  Stuart

I am really pleased with how this turned out... I needed to make a staircase for the house as economically as possible, and obviously wanted to use the CNC. I decided to use 25mm plywood, nothing fancy, just from a builders merchant, and the plan was to carpet it. But once I got into designing & making it and trial fitting, I really liked the sharpness and my jigsaw joining detail looked good, so we decided to leave it uncarpeted.

Problem was, it was a slightly reddish ply, and clashed with the Accoya cladding used internally in the stairwell. Simple solution: paint it dark grey, which looks great against the wood cladding, and should give a durable finish, while still showing the edge details.

It isn't highly finished, as it was only ever supposed to be carpeted and wood-clad on the front face, but I kind of like the rough and ready look. And at around £600 in materials, it wasn't a bad price given it has also created a room under the stairs that we are planning on making into a cloakroom at some point.

This was 25mm ply from Jewsons, they told me it was poplar. One mistake I made was cutting the various jigsaw profiles at exactly the same dimension, rather than offsetting one 0.5mm or so which would have made them easier to assemble. As it was, it needed a lot of sanding, a large rubber mallet and plenty of swearing to get the pieces together, but at least I can be sure they are a good tight fit!

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