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Our house build on Grand Designs is finally previewed

Thursday, 15 September 2016  |  Stuart

Its been a long year... but finally the Grand Designs team have previewed our house build along with the others of the 2016 series on Channel 4. Here's a pic of the latest magazine. The picture is a quick mockup I did in Photoshop to show Rosie what the house was supposed to look like when finished. I'm pleased to say we aren't too far off the mark!

It has been a lot of fun having the TV crew visiting during the build, they are a really nice bunch and they pretend to be very interested when we bang on and on about all the dull bits of the project... I'll miss that, as no one else has the level of professional interest to stand the boredom!

So, after starting the demolition of the old dormer bungalow in October 2015, we will just about have turned the project around in a year.

Even though we lived there for 5 years before starting the project, it already seems like a lifetime ago.

The show should be the final one of this year's series to air, sometime in November. I'll be putting some details of the woodier aspects of the building up here on the blog so check back if you are interested!

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