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Birch Plywood CNC kitchen island

Thursday, 18 August 2016  |  Stuart

This is a fun project: a free-standing, mobile, birch plywood custom kitchen island unit. I have been modelling it in Sketchup (what a great free tool) to get the proportions right. It will be built of 3 sheets of 30mm thick 8x4 foot birch plywood with white melamine faces, so there will be a nice visible ply cut edge contrasting with the pure white surface. The boards are from Lathams Advanced Technical Panels in Leeds. This stuff cuts nicely on the CNC, and just needs the cut edges softening with sandpaper afterwards, as the melamine is a sharp edge.

I am planning a basic scaffold tube frame, with castors for mobility. Although not too much, as the induction hob will be connected via cable from the floor beneath. The idea is the unit can be rotated a bit to create more space in the kitchen when needed.

A standard 80cm kitchen drawer unit will go under the hob with the rest left as open shelving.

All in all, this should be an unusual, practical, attractive and cost-effective kitchen island solution. A grand design indeed...


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