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Finally a Man Tray of my own...

Saturday, 17 September 2016  |  Stuart

After making these oak organiser trays for many years, I have finally got around to making one for myself. I thought I should have one lying around for the final Grand Designs filming day...

I picked Rockwell font, which is my overall favourite because it is good and bold, with serifs for easy reading and engraves really well. We offer a few different fonts, all work well but I do like this one. We also sell these on our store where they are very popular, and often featured in their Christmas catalogue (but we offer free delivery here on our site).

I would like to say for the record that the hair bobbles and nail file are not mine.

Stu's Man Tray Personalised Oak Organiser Tray from The Wirral House on Grand Designs

I got my little old workbench out of storage and it makes a great side table in the hall, perfect spot for my Man Tray. Wasn't quite sure where to put it; didn't want it to clash against the Accoya cladding internally, in the end against a white wall was the right place. Funny how handy a vice is in the house, especially in the fitting out stages of the build: we even used it to hold the galvanised conduit pipe for the light fittings while cutting threads on the end. Saved Andy the electrician some effort.

Old wooden workbench Wirral House Grand Designs with Man Tray

I think this was built at a local Further Education College at some point, maybe as a project or training piece on a joinery course. Its made of different types of wood, with different joints and features. Tough as old boots and will probably outlast us all.

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