Natural Wooden Memorial Plaques and Keepsakes

Our pure, untreated solid oak memorial plaques are a perfect addition to burial or memorial sites where environmentally-friendly practices are required. This includes many natural burial sites, agricultural areas and private gardens. Avoiding the use of any metal fixings, inks, paints and varnishes means you can be sure the plaque will not affect the organic nature of such areas.

The plaques are engraved with our laser-engraving machine, which simply burns the design into the surface of the wood to a depth of around 2mm. Very fine detail is possible, and the dark engraved surface contrasts beautifully with the pale wood, which helps the text to be read easily.

Let us know the wording you are considering on your plaque, or if you would like any graphical elements, and we can send you a proof by email of the design, so you can be sure of what the result will be. We can use a large range of fonts and styles and we lay out each design individually - no mass production here.

We will select a board and cut your plaque to the right size from our stocks of naturally-dried hardwoods (normally oak, with some beech and other species available). The plaques are sanded and either left completely natural or coated with danish oil, which some burial sites accept as it is based on natural ingredients.

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