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Because we design, manufacture and retail our own products, we have the skills to help others do the same. Our rates for design and prototyping work start at £300 + VAT per day, plus materials. Typically this would involve you showing us sketches or DXF files, phone discussions as needed, exchange of ideas via photos/sketches, production of a prototype and shipping the item to you via courier. Time can be split over more than one day. We don't have facilities for visitors unfortunately, so normally we work remotely, however do get in touch if you would like to meet. As every project is different, there is no fixed process or set of deliverables, so we can discuss your exact requirements.

Alongside our current products, we have many under development. If there is a potential conflict of interest between your ideas and ours, we will raise this straight away.


We are set up to manufacture small runs of our own products, and we can also offer this to interested clients. Our production facilities are suited to batch production of wooden sheet products (typically based around 8'x4' sheet materials such as plywood). We can deliver cut parts back to you for you to finish and assemble, or potentially we can produce your finished item for you. These can then be sent to you in batches, or for the ultimate in convenience, we can send finished items direct to your customers. This can even extend to personalising your products and shipping them one by one - a dropshipping arrangement.


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If you are looking for CNC routing or cutting services in Wirral, Liverpool, Chester or Merseyside, then we may be able to help. We have a 8'x4' (2500x1300mm) heavy duty CNC router that can cut all common sheet materials such as MDF, plywood and hardwoods.

Accurate to 0.1mm, we can cut at speeds up to 25 metres per minute. We can work from DXF files, sketches or even written instructions - with a background in mechanical engineering and product design, we are well equipped to help you get the results you want. We don't keep stocks of sheet materials, but we have a supplier that can deliver at short notice.

Typical prices for cutting services are from £150 plus VAT for a full 8'x4' sheet cut to your design or requirements, plus the cost of materials and delivery. We would supply the cut pieces straight from the machine; no sanding or finishing. If the cut pieces are small enough to send with a regular courier, shipping costs are very reasonable (less than £10 to mainland UK), Larger pieces will need to be quoted separately.

We are not able to assist with the following: wood turning (lathe work), replicating architraves or mouldings, matching details on existing woodwork, reshaping furniture, and so on. We are also not cost effective for simple straight cuts of sheet products. We have a minimum order value of £150 plus VAT for cutting services involving the CNC router.


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We have a number of laser cutting and engraving machines, one with a 600x900mm bed (cutting area slightly smaller) and the others approx A3 size. These can create very clean, precise and intricate designs in materials such as laserable birch plywood and MDF, cardboard, balsa and acrylic as well as hardwoods such as bass, obeche and spruce. Most laser cutting is done on laser-grade birch plywood, which cuts with a golden, clean, non-sticky and non-sooty edge. This material is available in various thicknesses, typically 3, 4, 5 and 6mm. We can supply thinner birch ply, down to 1mm and even 0.5mm, but it uses a different formulation and hence cuts with a slightly sooty edge. Hardwoods will also have a slightly sooty edge.

Typical prices for laser cutting are as follows:

  • from £50 plus VAT for an approx A4-sized sheet of 3mm birch plywood, to include material and UK shipping
  • from £100 plus VAT for a sheet of approx 800x300mm 3mm birch plywood, to include material and UK shipping

Designs can be sent via email, and need to be vector graphics (ie drawn with software such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, AutoCAD, etc). They can be DXF or PLT format, or even as  PDF. If you want to send hand sketches, photos or other images, we can turn these into suitable vector files that the laser machine can follow, but there may be an extra charge for this. The laser cutter can do two things: follow a hairline-thick single line, or engrave within a closed shape (ie 'colour it in'). By varying the power of the laser and speed of movement, material can be cut, shaded, drawn as faint lines, and so on.

We are already suppliers of laser cutting services to local shopfitters on the Wirral, artists, crafting organisations in Merseyside and further afield.



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